#EURegionsWeek Side Event: How can European cities achieve the green transition through digital twins technologies

#EURegionsWeek Side Event

When: 19/10/2021 12:30 – 14:30 CET

European cities use data to make better-informed decisions and speed up the recovery process, adapting socio-economic aid to environmental sustainability. To achieve a more competitive, inclusive and green Europe it is useful to monitor, control and manage the physical side of the city: The City of Things. It could be done by creating a virtual replica of the whole city, a “Digital Twin”, to run simulations and allow citizens to visualise alternatives and contribute to the city’s green co-creation.

Discover the entire recorded session here: https://zoom.us/rec/share/RdfCSi-r5gcBsgG7aogB8od9PJrwCQAz7mLhgYPbqtwWTtFZ1VuObizSr6axWL74.pEzgfu1Zm6dyweUF

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